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About this Site

DnD Dice Roller was designed with D&D players in mind. We know how time-consuming it can be to roll multiple dice and add the results, especially for campaigns where you have high level players doing battle against ancient dragons, demi-liches and other powerful foes.

Our service has been optimized to be friendly for use on any device. We are dedicated to making DnD Dice Roller functional, easy to use and fun. But your feedback is important for us to make that happen. Please contact the Site Administrator for any issues or suggestions for improvement.

DnD Dice Roller is a web application written in JavaScript. You will need to ensure your browser is configured to allow JavaScript or the site will not display properly. The Dice Roller 'save' function also requires access to write a private cookie to your device. This private cookie is not available to 3rd parties and is only used for the purpose of saving your dice settings between sessions. Be mindful that if you are running a private/incognito browsing session the save feature will not function.